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Marcela Torres-Marchu

An art historian, curator, art advisor, independent writer and artist, Marcela Torres has been involved in art all her life. She holds an undergrad degree in Fine Arts from the University of La Palta, Argentina(2005-2010). Also, Curatorial practice courses at OCAD University (2015), and Entertainment Administration course at Ryerson University(2015). Curated collective and solo art exhibits in Argentina and Canada. Also, as an artist, I participate in many art exhibitions in Argentina, Canada, and the USA.

Curated and co-curated exhibits:

2020 -Camp X & Station M exhibit, WWII intelligence services, Toronto.
2019 -Girl Guides Permanent exhibit, Co-Curation with Girl Guides of Canada, Toronto.
2018- Castello Italia Art Collective Exhibit, Co-Curation with Instituto Italiano di Cultura, Toronto
2018 -St. Geroge Society Exhibit, co-curation with St Geroge Society, Toronto.
2017 -Castello Italia Art Collective Exhibit, Instituto Italiano di Cultura, Toronto.


Art exhibitions:

2018-Art Exhibition @ TD Latinos in Leadership Event, Toronto, On.

2017 - Collective exhibit - Hispanic Heritage Month at Ontario Legislature, Toronto, On

2016 -Collective exhibition Riverdale art Gallery, Toronto, On.

2015 -Agora Gallery, New York, NY.

2014 -Toronto Outdoor Urban gallery, The Anex Patio Art Show, Toronto, On.

2014 -October Hispanic Heritage Month, at City Hall, Toronto, On.

2013 -Collective exhibition, Argentine Visual Artists in Toronto, at Center of Excellence, Glendon Campus York University.

2013 -Collective exhibition, Argentine Art Night in Ottawa. St. Brigid’s Center for the Arts. Ottawa, ON.

2013 -Catalogue, the Elaine Fleck Gallery

2011 -Collective exhibition, at Bickford Center Festival

2010 -Collective exhibition, at the Cultural Center Oesterheld

2008 -Collective exhibition, at the Cultural Center CEPA

2006 -Art Workshop by Guillermo Cicchino

2006 -Young Art, Collective exhibition

2006 -Collective exhibition

2005 -Exhibition on the occasion of the Ibero-American Congress and Proyectual Art Research

2005 -Collective exhibition.


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